The kindergarten offers a pre-prepared environment and surrounding for the children. Depending on thier needs are materials made available and provided. There are 2 large group rooms (each 47sqm), connected by a large open door and other smaller rooms offer various flexible uses for the children.

The Movement Area in the big floor is where the kids can jump, swing, climb and build structures. The Quiet Room is where the children can have naps, relax, enjoy solitude for engagement in imaginary and fantasy games. Here we also offer various accoustic and rhythm instruments to enable the children experiment with different sounds and tones.

We also offer a role-play areas, arts and craft areas, wood and sculpting areas. The bathrooms offers tubs for water games and experiments, a sand table, an area for construction.

The kindergarten also offers Montessori sensory areas, Montessori Language arease, Montessori Practical Life areas, Montessori Mathematic areas e.t.c


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