Free and voluntary donations!!!


Our Kinder has a donation shop at `` EDUCATION DONORS`` a non-profit fund-raising portal. Support our free daycare . It is very simple.  Start your online purchase under the donation shop of our kindergarten at Url


 How it works:

- Go to the website ( registration is not required)

- There you will find more than 1,000 partner stores that  you probably know (e.g. Amazon, Zalando, eBay, Jako-o etc.)

- You start shopping by clicking on the logo of the desired partner shop

- Automatically a donation is triggered to our kindergarten

- You don´t need to pay a penny more for your shopping when compared to a direct visit to sites of other partner shops.


Education is a charitable donation, does not seek profit and it is autonomous and independent.


Do you like the idea? Spread the word around. The more participants, the more the funds for all facilities. Applications are open to almost all non-profit organizations based in Germany.



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