The Montessori children's daycare center "Bienennest" for 30 children aged 1-6 ( 10 up to 3 year olds and 20 up to 6 year olds) follows Maria Montessori's pedagogical concept in conjunction with the Berlin educational program. Bilingualism (German/English) according to the immersion method is another building block of the concept. The number of 30 children allows for a large age mix according to Montessori's ideas. The opening hours are daily from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. A detailed concept will be handed out to the parents as a brochure and can also be viewed here.

The detailed concept will be continuously developed by the prospective team in cooperation with the parents and taking into account the social environment.

The name "Bees' Nest" is closely associated with the highly social bees, which are unfortunately threatened with extinction. In everyday educational life, bee conservation will be a permanent project in the kindergarten, which will be connected with other bee conservation programs in Berlin. The children will be taught this ecological aspect by learning about the bee's way of life and actions such as planting flowers that bees depend on.


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