Dear Parents and Children,

welcome to the new Montessori Kindergarten Bienennest (Bee Nest). We opened our kindergarten in the middle of October 2014 for children between the ages of 1 to 6 years old. We use the Maria Montessori concept of mixed aged groups in the care-taking of the children. Our kindergarten is a bilingual kindergarten (German and English) and all the operations are run in English and German languages. We have 2 English native speaking educators and 2 German speaking educators who have either diplomas in Montessori education or has vast experience working in Montessori schools. Among our team is also a member, who will begin the process of training (integration educators) to work with kids with learning difficulties or disabilities as we intend to be an inclusive (Inclusion) kindergarten. As child educators we already have experiences working in this area of expertise.

If you want to apply for place please contact us by phone or email. We will sent you the applicationform.


  • Grundsteinlegung

    Am 30. August 2013 fand die Grundsteinlegung für das Studentendorf Adlershof statt, in dem sich das Kinderhaus ab Oktober 2014 befinden wird.

  • Bienenbank

    Die Bank wird sicherlich schon bald als Sitzgelegenheit im Garten des Kinderhauses stehen.

  • Schafe im Park
    Schafe im Park
  • geometrische Körper
    geometrische Körper
  • Sabine
  • zwei kids
    zwei kids
  • Polarisation
  • Unsere Jüngsten
    Unsere Jüngsten
  • "Unser" Honig
  • "Unser" Honig


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